Sign the Portland Pact for Sustainable Seafood

As chefs, we are passionate about serving the best food possible to our customers. This means using delicious ingredients produced without harming the planet. We strive to offer only environmentally sustainable food and to incorporate this principle into our sourcing practices whenever possible. Many of us have built our brands and reputations around this commitment.

It is our business to ensure that U.S. policies and regulations support and improve the domestic food systems and products we rely on in our kitchens and restaurants. When it comes to our seafood dishes, we must have a consistent supply of sustainably-caught fish—now and in the future.

The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA) is the primary law governing fishing in U.S. waters. It has become a model for fisheries management around the world, successfully rebuilding fish populations and bringing overfishing to near all-time lows. The success of this policy to date has enabled us to offer a wider variety of domestic seafood that meets the environmental standards of our businesses.

To maintain this progress, we must preserve the strong conservation measures of the MSA that prioritize the long-term health of U.S. fish stocks over short-term economic gains, such as:

  • Requiring management decisions be science-based;
  • Avoiding overfishing with catch limits and tools that hold everyone accountable for the fish that they remove from the ocean; and
  • Ensuring the timely recovery of depleted fish stocks.

To keep our businesses and our oceans healthy, we support sustainably managed U.S. fisheries and are committed to promoting the continued success of the MSA.

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