Talking Points: Chef to Staff

Here are some talking points to help you explain the Portland Pact to your staff.

  • Here at (NAME OF RESTAURANT), we are committed to serving our customers food that tastes great and is also good for them and good for the planet. Whenever possible, we also support the U.S. economy by sourcing local food supplies, including offering up plenty of domestic seafood.
  • Our ability to deliver on this promise is directly tied to the success of a law known as the Magnuson-Stevens Act.
    • The Magnuson-Stevens Act controls the amount of fish that we take from the ocean, so that we can all enjoy this resource now and in the future.
    • Since 2000, the Magnuson-Stevens Act has helped recover more than 40 fish species that had been depleted by overfishing. Today, overfishing is near historic lows.
    • The Magnuson-Stevens Act also protects the jobs of the fishermen we work with, who rely on healthy fisheries for their livelihoods.
  • Unfortunately, some special interest groups and members of Congress are trying to weaken this law, which could spell trouble for restaurants and seafood lovers alike.
  • To keep our customers happy, and ensure we can continue to deliver a variety of sustainable U.S. seafood options now and in the future, chefs throughout the country are signing the Portland Pact for Sustainable Seafood, which highlights the need to keep the Magnuson-Stevens Act strong.
    • You can feel good about letting our customers know that we are doing all we can to keep their favorite seafood items on our menu while also protecting the health of our oceans and the livelihoods of the fishermen who catch the fish we serve.
    • You can learn more about this effort at

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